Hey JessLee (@jessleecountry) and Steve (@southofsomewheremusic) here! 

We are so excited to bring you our new project “Boots and Hoes”. Boots and Hoes is a brand dedicated to celebrating the life of rural America and a love for country music! We believe that you can never have enough country in your life! Quite honestly we playfully started the brand after watching the movie “Step Brothers” and singing the brand name as a country song… we are both after all songwriters! After some laughs we quickly realized how impactful and fun this brand could be to build. As up and coming country artists we share a passion to shed light on other amazing artists who may get overlooked. Along with our stylish clothing Boots and Hoes is also curating playlists and blogging to keep YOU up to date with the talent we believe in! Since we are both from the country, we know how country folks get down and we simply want to embrace the AWESOMENESS that is OUR culture! 

Boots and Hoes is “OUR brand for OUR people”!

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